SyncAround: Android app for syncing location, WiFi and cellular network data to Azure SQL database

(26 Aug 2019)

1. Introduction

SyncAround is an Android app for syncing data from the phone to SQL database in Microsoft Azure cloud. The user can in the configuration settings select the data that will be collected. The user is authenticated via Azure Active Directory or Basic Authentication before any data can be sent. After the authentication the data sync works in the background until the user stops the data collection. There is also an option to save and view the data locally on the phone.

In addition to the Android app, the solution consists of two apps running in the Azure cloud:

  • Azure Mobile App for receiving and syncing the data to the Azure SQL database
  • Azure Web App for viewing the data with browser

The SyncAround Android app uses Azure Mobile Client and SQLiteStore for syncing the data to Azure SQL. The data is stored first locally in SQLiteStore from where it is synced to Azure SQL via the Azure Mobile App when the internet connection is available.

The diagram of the solution is shown below.

SyncAround_Diagram_30Mar20182. SyncAround Android app

The Android app can be installed from Google Play (

The current version (1.5) lets the following data to be synced:

  • Location data
    Track the location of one or more users and store the location information in Azure SQL database for viewing with an Azure Web app.
  • Cellular network data
    Track the cellular signal strength and cellular network status while being stationary or moving. The information can be used e.g. to detect and avoid the places with poor network coverage when a stable network is required e.g. for large data transfers.
  • WiFi data
    Collect the information of the WiFi networks found in your neighborhood or while moving. See the places with potential connectivity issues when a high number of WiFi networks are concentrated in small areas and interfere with each other. Find the places where public hotspots are located. Build a Big Data database of WiFi networks by just walking and collecting the WiFi data while moving.

3. Azure Mobile app

In order to sync the data to Azure, a mobile app needs to be installed in Azure. The app will wait for the sync requests from the phone, authenticate the user and store the data in the Azure SQL database.

4. Azure Web app

For viewing the synced data, Azure Web app needs to be installed in Azure. The web app lets the authenticated users to fetch,  view and manage the SQL data.

5. Azure apps availability

For the availability and help in setting up the Azure apps, please contact the developer. The contact information can be found in the About menu.